MACH Values evaluation example

Insight into the psychography of Swiss cycling fans

Spring also marks the start of the outdoor sports season. How enthusiastic is the Swiss population about cycling? The MACH Values study provides valuable psychographic information about readerships and consumer target groups. The following examples illustrate various evaluation options.

Bikes are popular among adventurers

According to MACH Consumer 2023, around 6 in 10 Swiss people own a bike, 22% of which are e-bikes. Many are likely to have replaced their conventional bike with an e-bike in the last 9 years, as the proportion of e-bikes was only 5% in 2014. The proportion of people intending to buy a bike has remained constant at 6% in recent years. This corresponds to a potential 429 thousand buyers across Switzerland in 2023. With an average age of 38, the target group tends to be younger, more often male (58%) and living in the agglomeration centre. It comes more often than average from the Values lifeworlds of Withkids, Young Withkids or Learners.

Potential bike buyers have a hedonistic disposition. They want to lead an eventful life, experience adventure and have a lot of fun. These people are politically and socially active and have above-average communitarian values.

The MACH Values Typogram illustrates that the target group often belongs to the Adventurer or Cosmopolitan types. Cosmopolitans are an urban, unconventional target group with a high gross income. Adventurers tend to be a young age group, want to get the best out of themselves, are fun-loving and ambitious.

More men want to buy an e-bike

In Switzerland, interest in buying an e-bike is particularly high in the Central Plateau and Northwestern Switzerland. Overall, 5 % of the population is planning to buy a new e-bike (potential: 377 thousand), whereas in French-speaking Switzerland the willingness to buy is lower, at 3 %. People who would like to buy an e-bike in the next 12 months are on average 45 years old and more often male (58%). In terms of their value profile, they are closer to the Swiss average compared to bicycle buyers - but represent slightly more traditional, communitarian and hedonistic values.

Typogramm Kaufabsicht E-Bike E

Holidays for cycling enthusiasts

Compared to other types of holiday, cycling holidays are still less popular overall: one in ten people in Switzerland prefer cycling holidays as a type of holiday (the most popular types of holiday are seaside holidays, individual holidays and family holidays). This corresponds to a potential of 826 thousand people. They often belong to the "Focus on sport" or "I love to be active" consumer types. Cycling holidays are particularly popular with the Creators, Altruists and Cosmopolitans value types. Altruists prioritise environmental protection over personal consumption, are committed to helping other people and are somewhat older (55+), while Creators are committed, progressive and value living out their own creativity.

Typogramm Ferienarten E

On average, the target group that prefers cycling holidays is slightly older (median: 51 years) and has a high level of education. Three out of four have a GA or Half-Fare travelcard and they have a high affinity for rather simple accommodation options: be it in a youth hostel, a cheap hotel, bed and breakfast, tent or caravan.