MA Net

The baseline study on internet usage

MA Net

The MA Net provides information on the distribution (proportion of online and offline users) and the intensity of use of the internet.


The representative baseline study surveys the spread of the internet as a whole as well as its intensity of use. The resident population of Switzerland and Liechtenstein aged 14 and over is analysed. The reliable usage data can be cross-checked with various socio-demographic and geographical data.

Published 2x per year (spring and autumn)

Benefits Advertising and Media market  

  • Broadest circle of Internet users (BUS)
  • Population-representative insights into the intensity of internet use
  • Information on places of use and devices used
  • Analysis according to socio-demographic and geographic criteria
  • Time series analyses
  • Potential estimates
  • Supplementation and evaluation of internal data sources and third-party studies


5 250.–


from 5 250.–


Languages: d/f/e

General information on internet use according to:


Age group


Type of employment


Geography / Place of residence

Personal areas of interest

Further information on internet use:

General: yes / no (BUS)

Frequency (RUS)

Last date

Places of use

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Data analysis

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