Offer of the Better Prediction Initiative



RAPID is another offering from the WEMF's Better Prediction Initiative and will be launched in the course of this year. With the RAPID dataset, it will be possible in future to enrich predictions in real time with user information from the comprehensive MACH dataset via an interface connection (API). This will open up a wide range of possibilities for sharpening the profiles of online users and displaying targeted content and advertising.


  • Up to date
    RAPID accesses the latest data from the MACH studies in real time and adds user profiles on the fly.
  • Extensive
    Depending on the licence purchased, all variables from the MACH Basic, MACH Consumer, MACH Strategy, MACH Values etc. studies are available for analysis.
  • Automated
    Direct control and data output via API enables automated evaluation requests in the shortest possible time.

Application example

Step 1: An unknown ID visits and reads an article about a sporting event. The query via RAPID by gender and age shows that the person is most likely male and between 35 and 54 years old.


Step 2: Males aged between 35 and 54 have an affinity for financial markets, investments and the stock market. A piece of content is played out and a check is made to see whether the person reads the post.


Step 3: If the content on the subject of finance is clicked on, RAPID is used to search for the preferred brands of this person profile, such as the watch brand Tag Heuer, and a corresponding advert is placed. 


Via RAPID, customised enquiries can be made "on the fly" to sharpen the user's profile and identify targeted content and advertising.